Cowabunga! The Pentatonix ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' music video is FINALLY here!

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Minae Noji who played karai in the TMNT 2014 movie when asked about future projects during an interview said that,
“I have a secret role in TMNT the animated series that comes out next season! It’s a fantastic character and I can’t wait to see it all come together.”

Guys…we are getting another female character in TMNT 2012!

*prays to God she’s Tang Shen. prays to God the talented Minae Noji voices Tang Shen and she won’t just be a fridged character please*

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I hope this all goes down as my greatest contribution to society

firstsecondthirdfourthfifthsixthseventheighthninth, tenth

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Meaning, of my school’s Summer Training week, this was my first day actually playing, the second going (day 1 I watched), and the third day of the actual camp. Fun log details below~

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Why is there no below the cut option on mobile. Personal life post FYI

So I’m seeing this doctor I’ve never met before and not only is she totally cool, but she has like, rocker/punk hair and I’m just thinking “Ha! Take that Mother of mine and others who’ve said you’ll never get a ‘real’ job with hair like that! Because guess what? She has a P.h.D AND kickass style!!!”

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^_^ ID: 45422279 グミ子
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Minea Noji AKA Karai on Hollywood Today. OMG best Karai ever… why couldn`t she have been more in the movie. 

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Anonymous said:
Misconception meme: Leonardo follows the Bushido code.


Oh my god not this again.

I am a ninja


While ninja have honor, our honor can seem selfish to those that go by the Bushido code because our honor is to our clan. Our Family. And we live by that honor, valuing our clan and their safety above all else. We will fight dirty if it is necessary because we are ninjas and ninjas fight to win or survive.

Samurai have this horribly noble and annoying habit of mistaking pride for honor, getting themselves and possibly others killed.

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me: but how does an asexual ask out someone who isn't asexual while mentioning they aren't interested in sex
friend: wanna go get a snick-snack without the frick-frack?
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Freshmen be showin up to school on the first day like:

But seniors are just like:

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